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How can I perform anal stretching on my girlfriend without harming her?
My girlfriend really enjoys the pain, the more the better and there's no limit. So how can I perform anal stretching as painfully and forcefully as possible without seriously risking damaging her sphincter muscles or anything else?
easy, the same way i could kill you, without killing you.........
What kind of objects can be used for anal stretching?
what kind of objects can be used for anal stretching (play)? and how far can they go inside? how long does it take to stretch an a** really wide?
(by the way i am talking regarding guys)
Stick with things that are meant to go up there and stretch it out- namely, any sex toy made for that purpose. That way, you will save yourself an embarrassing trip to the emergency room.

Try anal beads, butt-pl*gs, small dildos, larger dildos, vibrators for your butt, basically anything that's clean with no sharp edges and has a flanged base. Oh, and if you're really interested, an anal speculum can open you up pretty dang wide.
If a person constantly have anal sex, will they lose the ability to control their bowel movements?
Will anal sex, stretch the anus and cause a person to not be able to control their bowel movement and have an accident on themselves?
yes, contrary to what the activists will tell you degeneration of the muscles DOES occur and a lot of men of a" certain sexual orientation" have to wear diapers.
Has anyone bought an anal dild0 on craigslist?
i saw one on there earlier today and it seemed like just big enough it would stretch my anal cavity. I have no money to buy a new one (they can cost like $75) is there any problem buying one on craigslist if i use Purell on it before i stuff it in?
If you want to go Anal , there are plenty of things around the house that will serve very well . Carrots , small cucumbers , put inside a condom , will get you started . When you go to the drug store , there are often shower gels and creams with raised , invitingly insert-able tops . You would find an enema useful to clean out your rectum .
Does having anal sex stretch the hymen?
if bycycle riding, ballet dancing etc can strecth or break the hymen having anal sex too can do the same, in my you have any experience about this or what is your opinion?

Their are no strecth or breakin of Hymen in anal sex so dont worry.
Unless some one is tryin to do something extra ordinary.....
Hope this will help.
Why do male fish point there anal fins straight down?
Sometimes my male mollies 'stretch' their anal fin and where it was right on the bottom of their belly, it forms a right angle, perpendicular to its body. What does this mean and why are they doing that?
Mollies are livebearers so they do not lay eggs but rather the male internally fertilizes the female's eggs inside of her. In order for this to occur, through evolution livebearers like mollies, guppies, mosquitofish etc have formed their anal fin into a sexual organ which is called a gonopodium. This "stretching" is simply a mating ritual males do to attract females. Before they mate, a male points his anal fin forward where he inserts it into the oviduct of the female and then deposits his sperm. The female is often able to use this sperm to fertilize several broods of young before she needs to mate again...
What to do about this possible anal fissure?
I think I have an anal fissure ... I'm not 100% sure, because it hurts both inside and outside the anus when stretching the muscles.
The point is, I actually can not have a bowel movement! I read some on anal fissures and how 'holding it in' will end up being worse in the end, so I decided to try to suffer through it, but the pain was SO intense that my body would not let me.

What should I do??
See a gastroenterologist. They will probably prescribe you some nitroglycerine which helps alleviate the suffering. Your primary care doctor might be able to do the same.

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