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Show of the Week: Yo Mama's Big Fat Booty Band?
This is week 62 of my Show of the Week, for those that are interested in past weeks there are links on my profile. I try to post one free to download live music show each week, ideally from a different band every week. I aim for Thursdays, usually around lunch time (central time zone). I do my best to include a wide range of genres and try to get shows of good sound quality (but might make the occasional exception for a classic show).

I'm taking the "Show of the Week" on a tour of all the various music sections in yahoo for the next few weeks. Normally I post them all in Rock and Pop regardless of genre.

this week's show:
Yo Mama's Big Fat Booty Band
May 12, 2007… 2

MQ: How did you like the show?
I bet these guys used to listen to old 2 Skinnee J's. At times the pseudo-rapping duo is very similar although the music is very different.

The question appeared in the 'My Network's Q&A' thing on my page but there were no words to click on just 'Asked By Wire & String'. I had to go to your profile and click on the Questions tab. Perhaps Yahoo's momma took offense?
Who sing the song that goes like: big booty, fat booty, your booty, my booty?
it goes on with (something) then booty the entire time, i heard it on the radio once and want to know what it is called please help
lol tim wilson's booty callers
How can a 16 year old lose some of the belly fat keep her big breast but get a much bigger booty?
I have big breast about a 38DD, but I want to lose my belly i weigh about 165-170 but you can't really tell. Anyway I have no butt what so ever! And I really want to lose the weight, keep the breast, but gain a butt! Mainly lose the weight though! SOMEBODY HELP PLEASEEE LOL ! ;]
Okay, I have 40DD's and depending on what your breasts really consist of, you might still lose them no matter how much exercise you do. Your breasts are nothing more than fat for the most part. Any exercise will reduce them slightly. To gain a butt you need to do squats, jog, and weight butt squeezes (where you flex your cheeks, hold for 10 seconds, release, and repeat). Your weight for your stomach involves nothing more than sit ups, full sit ups and twisted-sit ups (where when you sit up you twist your right elbow to your left knee, lay back down, sit up and twist your left elbow to your right knee, and repeat).

Eat healthier, cut out or minimize sweets, soda, and fast food. I don't know how tall you are, but you may not need to lose that much weight. A teenage girls, especially at ages 12-17, usually end up having a slight growth spurt or re-distribution of fat sometime before they hit 18. Just be careful of dieting, fad-diets, and going too far with exercise. You're only 16, so you don't want to over do it.
Which is better fat booty or a big booty?
i just want to kno
either one is better than long
How to get a big booty or a ghetto booty?
Hi, I have a booty but I want a big booty, a ghetto one. When guys walk in back of me I want them to enjoy it. I know that sounds weird. I don't want a fat booty. I want a big toned booty. I don't want to wear booty pads, or anything or eat alot to get fat cause' that's really not what I want. Please help, 10 pts. to best answer
yeah. u have to be born with it. but if u want to tone your booty u gotta work it out.
How can I make my butt big fat and jiggly?
I want my butt to be big n bouncey. But whenever I look up how to get a bigger butt it tells you how to get a firm butt, I need tips on how to get a big fat bouncy lookin booty.
now why on earth would anyone want this??
as to your question, most of the women i know with huge fat disgustiong butts eat twinkies and drink lots of beer/alcohol... sit on em all day and collect welfare instead of working.
also, all those welfare babies make a butt pretty huge too...
How come if you weight 120 pounds and have a big booty, you're considered fat??
I look small but have a really big booty. Why is that considered fat????
I often wondered that too.... It's an illusion baby! I wear apple bottom jeans, and it shows off your curves, and that you aren't fat!
Culturally speaking ; Why do people say black girls have big booty's,when most are fat or just skinny ?
I visted Miami a couple times and thats the only place i saw black girls with big butts and thin waist,I know italian women with more booty then black chicks
latinas got booty
Men Only: Tell me why women have to be fat in order to have a big booty?
I don't get it, and don't tell me they thick boned because it is a difference between thick and fat. I can see like angela bassett you see how her butt is nice round and toned, because she is atheltic and it pokes out. Why do women have to have them big nasty booties and flabby with all the cellulite for you to say it is a big booty? I don't call that big, I call that fat if anything. What happened to nice pokey out toned booties today, why they have to be so fat, tell me that you guys? Because that don't make no sense at all.

Angela Bassett toned, firm, round, and pokey booty…

The article where these celebrities suppose to have booties, besides Beyonce don't have booty, kim kardashian brought hers, Jessica Biel and J Lo the nicests booties, and Deelishis, Coco and Serena is fat bootys. But down at the bottom two overly fat chicks and guys say that's tone and big. That's not tone and big, that's cellulite and fat, what do you guys see when you look at chicks seriously?…
Those bottom pictures looked photoshopped...but I do think there is a fine line between "thick" and just plain ole fat. But fat people are calling themselves thick these days.
How to get a big booty?
I use have the juiciest BIG BOOTY ever THEN i guess when i got fat my booty seemed to dissappear does this make any since when u get fat doesur booty leave????Doesanybody knowofanythingIcan do 2 get it back besides lounges and squats and howmany and how often should I do this.I just want my booty back NOW!!!!1 PLZ HELP
U need to have anal sex, 3 times a day. =)

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