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What is the worst, most unusual, weirdest, bizarre, or rude gift you have received? And from whom?
Stories are welcome.
We have a gift exchange at my church, and i was looking forward to it. i bought something really nice, a leather cellphone case that fits all sizes.
Well, i open my gift ( its at random, so it wasnt really meant for a spacific person) , and its animal pee.
little bottles.
of animal pee.
for hunters.
pig pee, dear pee, goat pee,
and to go along with it?!?!?!
a plundger.
merry christmas.
What was the funniest, weirdest, or most unusual thing you ever experienced in a classroom?
Teachers and students come in all varieties of potential sources of funny, weird, unusual, strange, embarrassing, bizarre, and horrifying events. What can you tell us?
I was student teaching at my old middle school. There were these desks where the arm bar had been removed, but there was still a sharp metal nub. So as I walked by doing my lesson I caught my pants on it and it ripped the whole leg off my pants up to my boxers.
Does anyone know some bizarre / unusual music?
I'm looking for some music, preferably no lyrics or heavy metal or dance etc. But I'm open to suggestions. Of weird instrumental music. I'm hoping to do a dance coreography, in either a lyrical, contemporary or robotic kind of modern style, depending on the music I find. It can be like strings or unusual soounds, just any help would be much appreciated!! Thankyou all so much! :)

Classical Gas

The Hawaii 5-0 Themesong

Cliffs of Dover
Where to find an unusual/bizarre lanyard?
I work in pretty stuffy office. We wear ID cards on lanyards around or necks. I like to spice things up and wear unusual lanyards to wear at work. For instance, I found a Ramones lanyard that is great, but I'd like to find more odd, kitschy, subversive or downright weird lanyards. Anyone have any suggestions of places - particularly on-line where I can find them? (Can't be too racy though.)
You can get laynards anywhere, with any theme, but it's more fun to make them. That way, you express your personality and have a little fun at the office.

My colleague comes to work with "theme" laynards that are so much fun. She makes the lanyards using kits she buys on the internet (she buys the clips - do a search on "lanyard clips" on Froogle). For Valentines Day, she strung together plastic heart beads she got at the dollar store. For St. Patrick's day, she braided green shoelaces together and put a couple of shamrock pins on it. For the Christmas holiday season, she actually found some tiny beads that look like Christmas tree lights and wired them (with a battery pack) so that they blink. For July 4th... well, you get the idea. I've even seen her make a lanyard out of candy necklaces wound around long phosphorus-filled plastic tubes (Halloween) that glow. For kitsch, try the "Oriental Trading Catalog", or orientaltrading dot com.

I'm not so daring (or resourceful). I simply went to my university's site and purchased two -- one with the university's name, the other with its mascot theme.
What's another word for bizarre?
like saying wow thats weird, bizarre, crazy, creativ adjectives. i love unusual weird words so thanks haha ;]

Woops, that's 'corrupt/hypocrit'.
Does anyone know of any strange and unusual communities in London?
Weird sects, bizarre covens, strange families, etc?

Sounds like the many facets of the Middle Eastern and Muslim communities.
Funny/Unusual/Stupid/Bizarre Sports?
I'm looking for out-of-the-ordinary sports, particularly if they are funny or ones that you might cause you to raise an eyebrow. Something like the cheese rolling contest thing they do over in the UK, or the thing where people ride a log down a hill (I think that one may be over in Asia somewhere). As I searched on the internet I did find a few: Underwater Hocky, Mountain Bike Bog Snorkelling.

So yeah, I just want really weird sports that people may not know about, especially those that would cause you to laugh. Thanks guys!
lumberjack events
What is the most unusual object you own?
Peculiar, unique, bizarre, unheard-of, flat-out weird, or just uncommon; share your strange stuff! Something you think no one else would post.
coloured rocks for display....
What is the most unusual name you've ever heard?
I've known a lot of people with bizarre names...
Chardonnay, Serenity, Jammie, Himalaya and worst of all mine Dougie Luckyswell (I'm a girl...)

What are some weird ones you've heard of?
Bayunna-Gae pronounced Bye-oona Gay

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