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Where can i find some cheap black & white college graduation party invitations?
Stores and or online.
Try here:…
Why do so many of us young black people go out to clubs/movies/parties/etc. just to fight?
Why do so many of us young black people go out to clubs/movies/parties/etc. just to fight?

It gives all of us a bad name, when the majority of folks are just at the spot to have a nice time, dance, talk to the opposite sex, etc.

There is always a few there that seem like they came out JUST to start a fight because someone looked at you wrong, isn't from the same side of town as you, have on the wrong colors.

Why do you think this is so?

Can I get educated responses please, because I know it isnt just because "they're black"......because several us do not get down with that type of non sense.

I even avoid the "trashy" type clubs when I go out, but recently these thingsa have even invaded the nicer clubs and even college parties.

There is a city of 7,000 with no wal mart and no mall like 25 mins from me that is home to a historically black college. The last 3 times I went down there for an event, 2 were ended because someone started shooting and the 1 because 3 or 4 seperate fights broke out.

We have to get our act together!!!!
Some people grow up knowing only violence. It's normal for them to pick a fight. They live meaningless lives. Some people are just plain cowards in life and they know it.
College Parties!!!!!?
Not to make this a racist question, but lets say i go to a pre-dominantly white school (89% white)(5% black) will i be treated differently if I goto a college party? Im Black
No as long as your there to party
Hey, what type of white guys do black girls like? Do most black girls like regular college white guys?
I'm from So. Cal (southern california) and i'm the typical white guy who enjoys surfing, dirt bikes, partying with college buddies, hanging out, drinking beer, listening to grunge and alternative rock music, and smokes a little grass every now and then.

Lately, I've been wanting to a hot black girlfriend who enjoys some of the same things.
So is it possible? Just wonderin :)

I am noticing a lot of interracial couples consisting of black girls and white guys.
I think a black girl will like you for who you are. And hopefully you won't just like her because she is black. Not all black girls are the same. So not all black girls are going to like specific qualities in a guy.
The "Black Experience" at College?
I'm in my fourth & final year of university at my college & as I look back on the incoming freshman, I can honestly say that I don't feel as if I've had the "black experience" at college. By black experience, I mean that I didn not pledge a sorority, nor did I go to many black parties/black cultural events, or even hang out w/ all black people. My school is predominantly white so I guess that may have something to do with it.

Additionally, I'm a part of 2 majority white organizations (a service fraternity & the university's student foundation)
so what do you want to know?? yea I have a black experience because I'm black lol.. I really don't know what your'e asking but.. are you saying you wanted to go to an all black college or get involved with more black people?? i mean you can do that anywhere and just not in college.. :)
College/New Year's Eve Black Light Party. Help!?
I am throwing a black light party on new years eve. It will be mostly college, so of course there will be alcohol. I don't know anything about black lights or black light parties though. Should I get one of those fixtures or just bulbs? How long/big should the fixture be? What type of alcohol should be there? What type of music and games should be played?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
I've tried using both types of blacklights - the bulbs and the long fixtures - and the bulbs didn't seem to work nearly as well as the fixtures do. If you can afford it, it's definitely worth your while to get a fixture. The size of the fixture would depend on the amount of space you want to light with a blacklight. I would suggest lighting the room dimly with other colored lights too, and just have one or two small blacklights in a few areas. As far as alcohol goes, I'd get a few different types of beer - a lager and an ale - and then maybe some vodka and rum and stuff to mix it with. Some people really don't like hard alcohol and others aren't beer and wine people, so even if you got one type of hard liquor and one type of beer, it would satisfy both. Games could be fun, but in my experience they tend to segregate people at parties into little groups and interfere with everyone's ability to mingle. Drinking games can be cheesy, and also they make the party more about drinking than about having fun. A good trick for entertaining a bunch of people and getting them talking is to set out some interesting food - even weirdly flavored nacho chips can be entertaining. And music will depend on people's taste, but I've found that house music with a good beat is usually good if there's a lot of people, and a mix of happy music is good if it's a smaller party (less than 30 people) - the occasional cheesy or funny track thrown in is a good bet; even a few minutes of a comedian interspersed with regular tracks sets a good mood.
What are the different types of parties?
i know there are a million types of parties.
for example:
black and white- you wear black and white
keg parties
CEO and Corporate hoe's- guy dres up professional and girl dress up as a naughty business woman.

but what are other types of parties?
(like college parties or higschool)
ABC (Anything but clothes)
Guests wear anything to party except actual clothes (trash bags, sheets, coconuts, anything not considered clothing is acceptable)

Foam Party
If you have the space and resources, this could be one of the greatest parties of all. Imagine college students in their bathing suits partying waste deep in foam.

Graffiti / Black Light Party
At a college graffiti or black light party, all guests wear white t-shirts, party hands out highlighters or markers at the door. Guests write messages on each others white t-shirts. Messages get better as people get drunk

Underwear Only
Guests can only wear underwear to the party (can come to party with coat, but must remove coat to enter)

Pimps and Hos
Guys dress as pimps, girls dress as Ho's enough said

Pirates and Wenches
Guys dress as pirates and girls dress as wenches (female pirates)

Cops and Robbers
(Also known as Handcuff party) Guests are handcuffed together using zip-ties (each guy is handcuffed to a girl) and they must finish 6 beers before they can take off the handcuffs then choose someone else to be handcuffed to.
I'm looking for a dress for a massive college party, any nice black dresses people have seen?
Basically, I'm a size 12 and really insecure about my figure, I really like this dress but i would want to wear black tights with it, and then have like black heels to go with it aswell, would that be too much? Any help here is great, or a dress like this... but in black too? What do you reckon? :)
how about this, i think its absolutely gorgeous…
i know its rather expensive, but you could try to find something similar?
or perhaps one of these:………………………

you wouldn't have to wear tights with any of these dresses, but if its cold yuo could always wear skin coloured tights? blck heels would go for most of these, or nude heels go with everything and make legs look great!

hope i helped xD
White men at college parties.?
This weekend I went to a house party. This is the 2nd time I've ever been to one (not my thing).

The party was very diverse. The guys who live there are friends of one of my roommates and there are 5 of them (some white, an asian, a few black).

The party was very mixed with all races.

It just really amazes me how white guys act differently in a party setting to black women. Normally I would say white guys don't approach me at all (unless they are old), but why all of a sudden when they had a beer or two are they all trying to make conversation with me and dance.

lol I don't get it. Why is this?

Is it that they are nervous in normal everyday life settings?
does the beer give them confidence?
or are they just blinded by the

I don't get it! Enlighten me.
Because the fever is released with alcohol. They are insecure about being seen with black chicks around their friends/family during the day but at a party when they are getting their drink on its all good.

Silly white boys
Black light party for college!!!!?
me and some friends are having a blacklight party but im haveing trouble finding out what to say on my shirt im making...i want it to be funny and everything since were drinking i need good ideas so if you have any tell me thanks
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