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Why do people think ALL teens/teen couples only want to have sex?
Seriously it's embarrassing when you want a boyfriend/girlfriend and people think you only want that. I know some do but what about the ones that don't? Their parents can't trust them to be alone together because of all the idiot teens. Even if you show that you are mature and smart adults STILL don't trust you alone with boys.
Cause they are right, at least when talking about the boy/man side. Any guy who is not in a pine box, who says he never thinks about sex at some point of the day is a liar. Your father and Mother know this and thus why no boys. We are pretty single minded. Most likely they trust you completely its the guy they are worried about.
Single Teens, when you see teen couples at the amusement park how do you feel?
There are always couples at the amusement park when I go and I kinda feel jealous o_o
i feel jealous too.. it makes me wanna get my ex boyfriend and pretend we're a couple =(
What is a good storyline 4 a comedic student film with 4 teens(2 couples)& about 10-12 infants & toddlers?
I need help. I want to do something really wacky and humorous but also be down to earth and I really want to use babies cause there are so many funny/silly things that they can do/cause.
Well with four teens and twelve babies the only real story can picture is the teens babysitting the babies, and they begin to have trouble... what kind of trouble is where your comedic side comes in.
What are some good ideas for couples halloween costom for teens?
My boyfriend and I need ideas! Links are good, and nothing too expensive please. Also, I'd love ideas that are DIY! We live in Wisconsin, so it could possibly snow. We need a costoms that are either warm or can be worn with jackets. Thank you! :)
this might help. if you dont find something tehre click on any image and it will take you to the big halloween site with related teen costumes . good luck
Why do married couples have to try for months and months to conceive but teens get pregnant even w/ condoms?
you'll hear about these couples that take up to 7 months to get the girl knocked up, but all these horny teens are getting pregnant the first time, even with a condom. is it all just people lying to scare guys out of sex, or is there some sort of weird biological reason?
hah, i've always wondered.
Because females are born with eggs, & as they get older, the amount decreases-so as a teenager, theyre more fertile, and can easily become pregnant.
Must be why they got married so young way back when!
Fellow Teens: Are there interracial couples at your school?
I was just wondering how common it is in High Schools. I see it in ever day life, if there are couples like that at your school, which races?
Yes, tons. My school is the most diverse school in California. So, there's a ton. My best friend's parents are an interracial couple. Her mom's Filipino and her dad's black. I like that California has so many different kinds of couples. Whereas, where my mom is from(Georgia), race is still a huge issue. My cousin is black and white. She was harassed so much as a guy and is still bothered by people for being mixed.
What was the show called that had teen couples raise babies,toddlers, then guys, teens and then old people?
i dont know wat it is called and/or if it it still on it was kinda like secreat life exept it had real people and there wasnt so much drama?
The Baby Borrowers, it got Canceled after the first Season.…
Should exceptions be made in states that ban gay adoption, allowing gay couples to adopy homeless gay teens?
so 42%, more than half a million, of all homeless youth nationwide are gay, however if they are in foster care, they normally aren't adopted (because of their age as well as sexuality or possibly race) and are often placed in group homes. In state that ban gay adoption, should exceptions be made in the case of gay couples adopting gay teens?
I would be happy to adopt a couple of gay teens, but, Dearest, I'm probably not the type of Mom today's teens would like. I tend to want to know the kind of friends my guyren hang around with, I do not allow smoking, drinking or drugs or any sort, I expect homework to be done before the TV comes on and grades to be kept above a C average, and I expect to love my guy a whole frickin LOT!!!. Also, food on my table will be wholesome and plenty of it. I adore guyren (gay or otherwise, mine you, Magda, Darling) and mine and Truck's home will be safe for any guy. Bring them on.
Any homes of Gay Parents like Trucks and mine should be able to adopt at least 3 homeless guyren and the states will clear those foster homes right up.
When teens date, what is the appropriate age difference between couples?
my friend is 17 and she likes a guy who is turning 21.
as long as he's not 30 its fine
Can teen couples who are in love make love?
I know there is a difference between making love and just plain sex. But is it just sex with teens when they have intercourse, or can it be more special and be making love if you are both in love?
If you're in love you are already making love.

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