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Negative pregnancy test - how can that be?
I have all the usual symptoms (lmp 4 wks 1 day ago). but 3 urine and one blood test have all come back NEGATIVE.
my symptoms are:-
-sore swollen veiny breasts, sore nipples, can squeeze fluid out of them;
-nausea, need to eat more frequently otherwise begin to get dizzy and lightheaded;
-flu like symptoms;
-minor sharp pains all over abdomen;
-need to urinate more frequently.

Can anyone tell me what they think from personal experiences or that of friends who have been in my position where the blood test has been negative but they are still pregnant?

And i know the mind is a powerful thing but is it so powerful as to make fluid come from my nipples or give me a low blood sugar level? i just cant accept that im not pregnant - Ive never felt like this before i just have a feeling.

I had three home pregnancy tests come back negative when i turned out to be pregnant but in my case the blood test came back positive. I hate to burst your bubble but it is actually possible for your mind to want pregnancy so badly that you go through what is called a psychosomatic or psuedo pregnancy. your body will go through all the stages of pregnancy though there is no actual baby ever conceived. the other thing to consider is that you may have another health issue causing these symptoms. Where is Doctor HOUSE when you need him?
Option three is that the blood test may have been wrong too.If symptoms persist get another blood test .if that comes back negative then ask your doctor to help you figure out what is changing in your body to make all these symptoms happen.

You may also have to consider an ectopic pregancy(where egg is fertilized while in the phelopian tubes). This is ver dangerous and the one time whenre I think aborting is ok because the baby can not in any circumstance survive and can kill you when the tube ruptures. This is very dangerous.See your doctor ASAP
When is my cat due?!?
My black cat, Ebony has been pregnant for a while, but i'm not exactly sure for how long!

She's always been loving, but for the past few weeks she's gone overboard. She even love bites! She's always right beside me, and follows me everywhere! She has a tremendous appetite. She recently has been ripping news paper. She constantly wants outside, but I won't let her go! Her nipples have been pink for a while also. again i don't know for how long exactly. help?!?!
The average tim a a cat is pregnant is 65 days so if you know when she mated you could work out her due date. It sounds from her behavior lik it will be very soon heres some info that might help...
Many, but not all, queens refuse to eat during the last 24 to 48 hours of gestation. During the first stage of labour, your cat will find an area to deliver her kittens (nesting behaviour) so give her access to a quiet, private area (bottoms of wardrobes seem to be favourite places). She will be restless for 6 to 12 hours, and then straining begins signaling the stage of Stage II of labour. There is usually intermittent straining for several hours before the birth of the first kitten, then usually less than an hour between subsequent kittens. However, it has been known for up to 24 hours to pass between the births of kittens.

The placenta is passed after the birth of each kitten, and the mother cleans the kitten and eats the placenta. The cleaning of the newborn kitten is important maternal behaviour necessary for bonding between the mother and kitten. However, if she fails to remove the membranes from the kittens face, you should gently clean them away from the mouth and nose.

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