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My 1st menstrual period started when I was 8 1/2 yrs. old. Is it true that I will get early menopause?
Many people keep telling me that. I learned in biology that a female human is born with only 1,000 eggs, & I'm 25. 1 woman told me I'll have menopause @ around age 33. Is that true? I'm scared because I don't have guys yet, & I want 3 guys.

I'm afraid to have all 3 guys back-to-back, thinking I'm trying to beat menopause, just because of what other people are telling me, & because of the 1,000 eggs. I'd rather the births to spread a year or 2 apart.

I'm single, but I want to eventually get married & have 3 guys. My family is so controlling in my life that they don't want me to get pregnant because they think I'll make the same mistakes my mom made with us (slammed me & my twin sister in the drawer as newborns because she's schizophrenic & always overdoses on steroids), & my twin sister has 3 guys & just voluntarily GAVE them away, so she can feel free to live the lesbian lifestyle without her guys.

I already have my college degree, & I LOVE babies & guys. I want 3 of my own. I suffer OCD, depression, anxiety, & Tourette's, but I'm not a danger. & I've seen other women with these conditions who get to keep their babies. I'm WILLING to learn as much about pregnancy & parenting as I can. Even take classes, read books, etc.

Since my twin sister had all 3 births as C-section, I'm afraid of that. I hope to get to have them vaginally. But I know that's something I have no control over. I know that if I plan to get pregnant, I have to consult my psychiatrist for approval to either get off the meds or stay on whatever meds that won't do the baby any harm. I want healthy pregnancies & births. I know some psych meds cause birth defects or pregnancy complications, which I'm trying to prevent.
it is not true that all women are born with 1000 eggs...I think the average number is much close to 25000 (I am not 100% sure of this), but every girl is different. You are born with a certian number of eggs and that is that, but the number of eggs varies woman to woman based on genetics. Then some women (like me and all of my sisters for example) release two eggs at every ovulation. So, I will never get pregnant with any less than two babies (my twin girls and my sister's two sets of twins are proof enough lol) and I will "run" out of eggs half as early than I would have normally. If you are concerned you should talk to your regular doctor, and they can give you advise and if necessary refer you to a specialist. I do not think that you should rush into popping out three guys in the next 8 years if that is not what you want to do. There is enough technology out there today that you should be able to space your guyren out as far as you want (well a reasonable amount of time hehe) and wait until you're ready to have guys (Not financially or emotionally ready b/c it seems like you are but ready like you want to have a guy now because that is what you want not because you have to.) And beyond on that, mad props for having the courage/patients/brains/etc. for wanting to have guys despite some medical issues you have.
Hmm What to do, something really sweet?
I want to do something super sweet for my girlfriend(we are a lesbian couple) and i just have no idea on what to do. I would like do something in public but we are not supposed to be together, and well we are, but behind everyone's back. I can't bring her on a date or anything because her and her twins sister are like joined at the hip, where one goes so does the other. And seeing as we are only 15 her sister has to be with her the whole time. So i just do not know what to do. We have been going out for 11 months now if that is any help, but i just feel like lately we have not being paying quite as much attention to each other as we have been so i just want to do something special for her, something really sweet and will make her smile. So any suggestions...and hopefully very inexpensive, and even free if possible ( i am broke basically). Thank you ahead of time
Just checking since they're together all the time does her sis know that you're going out? If so maybe you could organise a sleepover. Then ask her sis if he could sleep in a different room or bed. Just to give yous a lone time. That way yous could spend all night cuddling. Then maybe you could organise a midnight picnic in the bedroom. Like get a blanket, a few pillows and some of her fav junk food. (I would suggest some candles but that could go wrong so maybe some glow in the dark lights or stickers)
HELP ME!!! COMING OUT? 13 and im a lesbian, ive known about it for a long time and ive always felt awkward, even when i was little. i have a twin sister who is also a lesbian and she recently came out to my dad is manic, psycho, and homophobic! i want to come out to everyone and i know for sure im a lesbian, but my school is verry homophovic and i live in a small 1,000 person homophobic school in iowa. i just want to be free, and i love who i am...people hate me already, im treated like a serious outcast, ever since ca can remember people have thought of me wierd...they love throwing the "go kill urself" **** on me, or SHUT UP NO ONE LIKES U!!! GET A LIFE... i really dont get that cuz im normal, thin, prettier than most of the popular girls...they also like telling me im emo or gothic. i dont get that either cuz i usually whear aeropostal or other popular mall clothes and have light brown hair and little makeup(althought im way different at seriously gothic, but no one ever sees me as myself, or at my house) anyway, what should i do. i would also like to meet someone but im not into the whole myspace thing, its too hard to look through everyones profile, and no one puts their real age up anyway...plz help me!!!!
I think life is hard at 13 by default.. whether your gay, straight, whatever.. give it some time and things will fall in place. Just be you.
How do I cope with these flashbacks of abuse I've been having?
Even though I'm 25 with a college degree, people still treat me like a guy & won't allow me to make my own decisions. They think I don't have the mentality to drive a car, but I do. People think I'm not mature enough to vote because they think I'm retarded, & I'm not. People treat me like I'm too stupid to know left from right.

I haven't been on here as much lately. I've been very depressed, & it does no good when I reach out for help, & others think I'm trying to get attention, tell sad, sobbing stories, & drown in my own self-pity. People think I'm a drama queen who expects everyone to feel sorry for me. No, I'm not asking for pity.

I've been too depressed to eat, clean up, take care of myself, anything. I'm so depressed & frustrated that I can't even think rationally enough to journal, vent, & confess, like I've been doing.

It still hurts that my family will never shut their mouths up about me. My own TWIN caused my biological family to hate me before they can even meet me. She snuck & met them before we turned 18. We were in foster care throughout our entire guyhood, & the birth mom lost her rights to seeing us. It's a sad thing to say that the foster family is no more caring than the bio family. They're no less abusive than the bio family. They're all abusive & hateful for no reason.

I think it was last night or the night before, me & my friend, her boyfriend, her sister, & some other chick were watching that movie POWDER, right? OK, so people tell me all the time, "I don't think people mistreat you for no reason. There's something that you do to MAKE people treat you poorly." That's not the case. People bully me for NO reason, just like they did Powder.

25 yrs. old being harassed by people in their 40's & 50's even. People of all ages. & no, I'm not paranoid & I don't think people are out to get me. But they choose ME to pick on, bully, single out, ignore, etc. just because I'm different. I feel like crying right now.

People always lecture me about not conforming to society AKA not being thuggish. I just be myself, in my own little world. I'm a loner. I don't bother anyone, yet people say I'm aggravating. My Sr. yr. in high school, I was voted as the most annoying guy in the school. How is that, when the guys would bully me so much that I couldn't even get my schoolwork done because they were distracting. People would always ask me why I'm off to myself.

I try to avoid people because I can never hold a conversation with someone without them hurting my feelings. I can't say anything positive or negative without my feelings getting hurt. I can't DO anything positive without being called stupid. If I volunteer or donate $$ to charity, nursing homes, etc. people call me stupid. If I accomplish something good or do something that makes me happy, people either say WHO CARES!?, or they yell @ me.

I feel ashamed to listen to music or watch TV. Feels like I'm committing a sin. The negative events, thoughts, & people of my past, are part of my OCD unwanted, intrusive thoughts. I spent most of my teenage yrs. punished, in my room.

Aaliyah is my favorite singer. It was a shock that she died on me & my twin sister's 18th b-day. People tell me I shouldn't listen to her music, & they tell me I should throw away her CD's, pictures, posters, video DVD's, etc. & foster AND biological family falsely accuse me of having a sexual obsession with her, when I don't. I'm a heterosexual female.

My twin sister always does wrong & blames it on me. She's been denying being a lesbian for so many yrs. She married a retarded man who resembled a female, & had 3 guys for him, just to get people off her back about bashing her for being gay. Now, since she's separated (I don't think they're divorced yet), she feels free to show off her sexual freedom.

So, she's been lying for SO many yrs., telling people that "I'm" the 1 who's the lesbian! & I have a friend who looks like Aaliyah, right? Her name is (I call her) Grampster. LMAO Her real nickname is Shamrock.

My twin sister broadcasts to the WHOLE world, lying & saying that Kristina doesn't exist, & that she's imaginary, & that I'm sleeping with an "imaginary" girlfriend. ALL of that's NOT true. My twin sister also lied on me, saying I tried to murder my niece when she was born, & a yr. later, she lied on me, saying I molested her daughter. Not true at all. So all these lies she tells, people treat me like I have leprosy.

& check this out. Now, the new thing is, every time she gets mad @ someone, she falsely accuses them of raping her or molesting her guys. I mean, she just goes around slandering EVERYBODY!

So, back to the Aaliyah subject, 1 of the foster cousins told me 2 yrs. ago (I was like 22 or 23 @ the time), that I shouldn't ever listen to Aaliyah's music. & then, a few days later, I watched the Cosby show. He said, "What I told you about lookin' @ stuff like that!?" I was like, "what?" He said, "Man, that's OLD!" Now, hadn't told me I
Hey, reading your entire story is pretty sad. I know it must be hard to live in an environment like this. If this was me in your situation, I would ignore these people, why do you care what other people think about you? You know you're not a bad person and you're not doing things that they are accusing you of so why do you even care? Obviously your sister is crazy. I would just get a job (without telling anyone) and find your own place which they will never know about and just MOVE OUT. You need to do this for yourself. You're 25 yrs old!!! Get out of there! You're young, you need to start your life, away from these people. Be strong okay? Just shut them all out of your life, because obviously they don't act like family. Best of luck.
I f*cked up.... :( Can anyone help or give me an opinion?
I'm fully admitting that I did something wrong - about as wrong as you can go with a girl.... :(

Ok, lets start with the beginning....
There's this girl (who'll remain anonymous) that I love(d). I was always there for her, but she was always going out with someone else. I saw this as kind of a betrayal, but still loved her (you can't help who you love very often), while she liked me as a friend only.

Ok, now the real story starts:
I, being a horny teenager, was bored, and decided to go onto a sex-chat site (first time). This is where I f*cked up... Instead of geing a boy and talking to girls, I decided to be a girl and talk to girls - to get a different view. Figured it'd be a turn on: pretend I was a lesbian, and "talk" with other lesbians.... Well, it seems as if I'm too good of a lesbian.

I started talking with this bi girl. We... did our thing... you know... But then, afterwards, we started talking about each other. (can you see where it's going?) I started lying about myself, giving myself a name, age - pretty much, I was becoming fast friends with a girl who thought I was a girl....

At one point, I asked her if she was a virgin, and she said.... she said that when she was 13, she had been raped.. :( this made me feel really bad. I despise anyone who would dominate anyone else - especially a girl in that manner. She told me that I was the only one who really showed any sympathy about it at all....

We kept talking, for I was hooked in now, and we ended up giving each other cell numbers (to text only - supposedly I only get free text, but had to pay for minutes - another lie). Throughout the whole conversation we started to notice sudden likenesses in each other. She called me her "twin sister". In the end, she "kissed" me, and I "kissed" her back.

Can you see where it's headed yet?

So, I, feeling very bad now, realized, that I'm not in love with the first girl.... you guessed it, I started to see this girl I met online as a girl, not an outlet of sexual emotion... I started to love, or begin to love her.

And now I'm torn: do I keep it going, and let the lies build one on another, forever feeling shameful? should I tell her now, and risk losing her friendship forever, now that I love her? What should I do? And if I do either, how can I live with myself or have any sort of relationship with her when lie after lie after d*mned lie is on my shoulders? Should I just stop talking to her (something I really dont want to do, for that'll surely hurt her just as much). How can I tell her (if that's what I should do) what I've done?

This is by far the worst I've ever treated a girl ever - it was selfish, and I should be punished for it... In fact, to tell you the truth, I feel so bad for this girl that I love, that I really hate myself..... So I dont mind if you call me a pervert, or a sick f*ck, or a pig... :( I deserve it... but please, I'm trying to make things better.... help me...

Thank you. :(

Please, if you want to talk to me, or need to ask me a question about my question, will you email me at :,(
*smiling* I'm OK with it. I love you.
Room sharing dilema - should I tell my friend that i'm gay?
I’m a lesbian, but haven’t “come out” as such. I’ve never felt the need to announce my sexuality, and had just planned to tell my friends if they asked or let them figure it out when I got a girlfriend. However, now I’m going away with one of my female friends, where we are planning to spend the night in a hotel and share a double bed – is it wrong for me to not tell her that I’m gay?

She is one of my closest friends, and I don’t think she’d have a problem with my sexuality in general - but I have absolutely no idea if she’d have a problem sharing a bed with a lesbian. My thinking is that if I told her just before we go away (which is like next week) she might not say if she’s uncomfortable with it (not wanting to cause offence/ suggest that I have a thing for her), and we’d end up spending a very awkward night together. Also, it’s next impossible to get a twin bedded room within our budget, and it just seems easier to not tell her and have a hassle free holiday.

To me, my being gay is completely irrelevant to our sleeping arrangements, and because nobody knows I’m gay yet I can’t get their opinions or advice on this – hence why I’m completely clueless. Guidance please?

Well, I don't think it'd be dishonest or anything if she didn't know. As you said, your orientation is irrelevant to your sleeping arrangements, which are currently determined by available money.
If she does find out later, you could always just explain that you didn't want to make things awkward for her.

However, if you'll be lying awake wondering if it's right to keep her in the dark, if you're doing the right thing, etc, you might just be better off telling her, for your own peace of mind.
Explain to her that you're not attracted to her, that you just thought it would be best to get everything in the open, etc.
Please help me! I'm a terrible person I hit my best friend/ex?
Okay so I don't know how to start this but....When I was younger I went through serious guy abuse (I was sold to older men and sexually abused almost every night) and I got beaten a lot too. I'm 15 years old now and I'm a lesbian (for all the stupid people who'll ask as if it's important). Any way, I'm in love with my guyhood friend and we were together for a while, it was probably the happiest I've ever been in my life! But then she cheated on me with my twin sister (she kissed her but she told me honestly what she did) I got really angry and jealous and broke up with her....I was so scared I didn't know who to choose. Okay so she knows before I found her again I was in love with my best friend and she rejected me badly (I needed therapy). She also knows from talking to my auntie who's also my therapist that I seek love off people who probably can't ever love me back because my mother left me when I was younger and I still loved her (and my father) unconditionally. So my girlfriend (ex girl friend guyhood friend whatever you want to call her) wanted me to be with the girl who rejected me because it would make my mental health healthier and my physical health (I have HIV positive, if you get stressed out your immune system becomes weak, mine is already failing on me it will become easier to get a cold pneumonia etc and die). So I wanted desperatly to get back with my guyhood friend because I love her so much but she insisted that the girl who rejected loved me (even longer story) and that she deserves me and all this. Well she used to say that but now she hates that girl and she's trying to set me up with her friend who's adorable but I'm 15-years-old I don't want to be in a relationship anymore only if it's with guyhood friend or rejecting smelly. So smelly goes to my school but I see guyhood friend rarely, so me and smelly haven't really talked much since she rejected me (about 6 months ago) but in school we're always looking at eachother and she could possibly be hacking my msn and reading my emails and I keep getting huge mixed signals from her and all of it is too stressful and the fact that maybe I might get rejected again just sticks to the back of my mind and I avoid her as much as possible. Okay so I got to see my guyhood friend recently and I was so happy and we kissedd and we couldn't control ourselves and I love her and she's just too beautiful and perfect. So I asked her could we go out again, she knows well how happy I am with her but she insists she's terrible and because everything in my life is so heptic and scary and full of anxiety all my anger just built up. First I started screaming at her (she went through abuse to so I know how scary that would've been for her) and then she was shaking and crying and I just got even more pissed off and started telling her she was ignoring me and I really hurt her. I punched her and bashed her head off a wall and everything. I feel so ashamed of myself.......She forgives me and everything and what makes it even worse is she keeps saying it's her fault. YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO BLAME YOUSELF! I can't handle this anymore......I don't know what to do and I know this question is very long but if someone could help me, maybe just a tiny bit of advise I'd be so grateful. Feel free to insult me in any way you can please do....
I will not insult you!
It seems you do that for yourself.
I think it would be in your best interest to not see anyone until you get a grip on yourself.
You need real impartial consoling not your aunt because she loves you and may not be able to see you in the way a professional could. You need to be told the truth and that everything depends on your mental stability.
If stress hurts you and you seek it out than you're on a self destruction path.
You need help with controlling your anger because you never should strike out like that on another person.
You said you have HIV and you know you can give that to another person fighting the way you described and that's very dangerous and irresponsible of you.
You are 15 years old and you will have the time to learn and grow into someone that understands life offers you more than pain and deception.
You have got to work on your happiness and your outlook on life to be able to love and cherish others. Make peace with you past and move forward to have a better future.
I hope nothing but the best for you and hope that just a little of something I wrote will help you on you journey.
May peace and love find you for you and then you show the world you have overcome.

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