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Recommend me some good Gay animation?
I'm trying some Joe Phillips animated movies (The House of morecock, stonewall & riot).
Is there any more animated gay stuff you can recommend me?
It doesn't have to be explicit (but if it is I'm OK with that)
If you are going to mention some Yaoi anime titles, I'd prefer explicit ones.
i dont watch gay animation but look here.…
Is sasuke in the animation NARUTO gay?
i always wonder if sasuke uchiha in the animation NARUTO gay, because i never actually see him have any interests in girls even though gets hit on by all the girls ,just doesn't make sense to me?
He doesn't have an interest in love and realtionships. Revenge has driven him insane.
Why aren't there any Disney animations that have gay characters?
You are raised to be straight. Everything is so stereotypical, even to little guys.
Because just IMAGINE the kind of outrage it would create. How enraged the fundies would be... Disney would probably lose one hell of a lot of otherwise loyal customers, and they just cannot afford to take that risk.

...Which sucks, of course. I really wish we could have lived in a different kind of society. But we don't. :(

EDIT: holy sh*t, having a Rapunzel story like that would be nothing short of AMAZING! :D I'd so love it...
Need some sci fi/fantasy/horror movies, series or animation of any genre with bisexulal or gay male characters?
my little sister has said some things that were quite homophobic about gay males and i have to get her to understand its ok for guys to be bi/gay. shes ok with female bi or lesbians. i got her used to that by letting her watch buffy before she knew what the word gay was or had homophobic sentiments. i m hoping its not too late for her to change her mind. these don't have to be aimed at guyren, i can fast forward through graphic sex but she is 9(mature for her age) so no extensive nudity or sex. she' s quite used to violence. please help. thank you
Doctor Who and Torchwood! I love those shows...
The same-sex stuff is very, very limited in Doctor Who though. One of the male characters, Jack Harkness, is bi (the creator describes him more as "Will shag anything if he fancies it" though...), but it's never really taken beyond Jack flirting with people of various genders.
He has his own spinoff show though... Torchwood. Way more same-sex context. Actually, pretty much every main character ends up making out with someone of the same sex at some point, or at least expressing interest in doing so.

I don't know if your sister is into video games, but if she is, there's always Fable 2. Reaver, one of the characters, is obviously bi (he mentions past lovers of both genders). Then again, he's also a total douche (I think he's hilarious, but then, maybe I'm a douche. I dunno.), so maybe that would backfire.

There's a novel called "Hero", by Perry Moore, about a gay teenaged guy who turns out to be a superhero. Despite the cheesiness you'd expect from it, it's actually not that cheesy. Iunno if your sister is a big reader...
Do gay people get bothered with straight people ask them something about their sexuality?
Seems like I'm always asking gay people questions in here and I just realized that I maybe bothering you. Kinda like when people ask questions about the Twilight Novels in the Comics and Animation section, its like...why are you here...?
If it's someone being rude and sarcastic that is asking me questions and I don't know them then yes i'm annoyed
But anyone from close friends, family members, and curious strangers I don't mind answering questions for. anything to help them understand someones point of view.
Does anyone know where I can find old SNL animation skits?
I'm looking for the cartoon where the Legion of Doom gets in an argument over pants. I would also like to see Super ex-presidents skit or Ace and Gary the Ambiguously Gay Duo.
You can't find them anywhere.
What are some good movies to watch?
I'm into horror, animation, gay (since I'm gay, myself..don't hate <3 ), action/thriller....mostly horror, though. I'm bored out of my mind, and have run out of movies I've wanted to watch for the past few years, and can't think of any movies I've heard/read about. So, please help! Person with the most good movie suggestions will get best answer. :) and yes, I'm that desperate.
The Fourth Kind. Pretty spooky movie
Gay japanese animations?
like junjou romantica
Boku no Piko
Papa to Kiss in the Dark
After School in the Teacher's Lounge
Fish in the Trap
Ikoku Irokoi Romantan
Princess Princess
Gauken Heaven
Yami No Matsuei
Okane Ga Nai
Ai No Kusabi
Kizuna: Koi no kara Sawagii

All really good.
Is web design/graphic design a gay job?
I want to ask, is web design or graphic design a job for girls and gays (mostly)?

and how about 3D modelling and animation is that also a gay job?

html, css is that also a gay job?

SEO, is that a gay job?

The reason I am asking this is because my couple recent interviews were with gay people (enviorment) on the above positions.....

is web desing/graphic design art?
how about 3D, is that also art? (autodesk maya)

SEO, html,css also art?
there's no such thing as gay job. the adjective "gay" is only for animals such as human beings! :D

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