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All Comments

I have a foot fetish for male feet, does that make me gay?
I love to lick my male friends feet when he's asleep does that make me gay? I still like women but more attracted to men so does it make me more likely bi?
No, not really. Gay means you're sexually attracted to the same sex. If you want to have sex with other guys (if you're a guy) then you're gay. A fetish is just a fetish.
Is it normal and possible to have 2 fetishes. Male hand over mouth and male feet, also does this make me gay?
I have a male foot and a male hand over mouth fetish (when a man covers another person mouth with his hand), is this normal and am i gay because of it?
It is very normal.

Everybody has some sort of fetish, My fetish is for women's feet, you happen to like guy's feet and hand over mouth.

Do you think they would have all those men's feet websites if people didn't like men's feet?

It's hard to say if it makes you gay. Maybe you just like exploring various things.
I'm gay and Have a foot fetish and I want to like my male teachers feet how should I ask him?
Once a week we sit in a class room together alone after school and talk about things in general and sometimes he helpsnme with my homework. What should I say to get him to let me lick or massage his feet?
Tell him it's "biology homework". Lol
Am I gay? I have a male foot fetish. I love other guys feet?
I like looking up pictures of guys showing of there feet online and..well, you know..I was just wondering does this mean I'm gay?
If you get a b0ner by seeing the feet then yes you are gay.
If you fantasize about being sexual with another man and his feet then you ARE gay :)

Welcome to the club.
Have you ever got a footjob from a male, guy,or gay feet? if you did, what does it feel?
cause i saw on tyra they're talkin' bout fetishes...i'm just curious.
I'm a nympho slut and I give footjobs to sexy men all the time! = D, They come on them and I lick it off my polished toes too!
Gay thoughts and male foot fetish as a straight teenage boy?
I'm 17, perfectly happy with my girlfriend and I love women more than anything else (have done since i can remember). Like any other guy, as I grew older I began to have certain fetish's (e.g. feet) but then I realised I had a sock fetish. For some odd reason, I got turned on by male feet in socks and that's when it all started.

Since a few years I've been turned on my male feet and spoke to other guys Online about it, who were usually gay. Lately I've had this really bad and extreme paranoia that I'm gay, why else would I get turned on about men's feet and male foot fantasies.

I DON'T want to be gay, I KNOW I'm not gay but still keep getting troubled by stupid and worrying thoughts. I have nothing against gay people but I know deep down I'm not into men and its some form of HOCD but I need help getting over it. I've herd these years build up who you are and I don't want to grow up into a man thinking gay desires are okay.

I only act on my male foot fetish when I'm horny and once I'm satisfied I sort of regret it and I know i love female feet too. But lately I get turned on by any male feet as much as female feet, what's worse is the thought of actually being attracted to men in general. As much as I'd appreciate a hot girl walking by, I've almost pushed myself into thinking guys can be good looking too.. THAT'S NOT ME and gets me thinking too too much (worries the **** out of me).

Any female attraction is fine, but what's with this growing temptation towards male feet and gay thoughts! It's getting real serious now and it only seems to be getting worse, I need some answer as to why I'm experiencing this (I know puberty and all those hormones stories).

Much appreciated!
Unlike society and the media that will tell you all sexuality is easily and readily compartmentalized into clearly definable pigeonholes, life just isn't like that. Humans by their very nature are walking contradictions. We can observe within our own individual behaviors inconsistencies that make us uncomfortable or at least doubtful of what our true motivations, wants and desires are.

I wouldn't worry about it. You can be a predominantly str8 guy who likes men's feet in socks. SOCIETY may define you as a freak but by my estimation you are simply being... YOU. No one is like you, nor embodies all your thoughts, beliefs, dreams, fears, motivations and convictions. You are an INDIVIDUAL; recognize that. The fact that you think you are "not normal" tells me that you've essentially bought into the belief that in order for society to work, all people must meet all specifications and standards to be considered a legitimate member of society. That's BS.

No one really CARES about your foot fetish (and I guarantee you, there are more people like you out there) and you shouldn't either.

P.S. Just because you like guy's feet in socks does NOT make you gay. If you were to tell me you really REALLY liked having sex with men in socks and wanted to spend the rest of your life with a hunky guy who feet look awesome in socks, I might tell you there's the slight possibility that you're gay. But from what you've told me, you're just a guy who likes women and guy's feet in socks. Quit trying to define it, defend it and analyze it; simply BE who you are. That's the most ANYONE can (or SHOULD) ask of you.
My male friend has a fetish for male feet. Would that make him gay?
I'm not too sure of his sexual orientation and I would like to know. He says he loves women, but he also has a thing for men's feet. It's not that I'm trying to label him, but rather try and see if I can help him come out of the closet if he is gay, like me. So, what do you think?
That is something I have learned since I started reading posts here. A straight guy can have a fetish like that. There was one guy who used to post here (Michael may remember him) who had "male mouth fetish" and I exchanged a few notes with him. It was really quite interesting.

Your friend is lucky to have an understanding friend who will walk around in sandals for him! I'm sure it's a lot easier than dealing with male mouth fetish.;…
I am a 16 year old male with a foot fetish for male feet?
i like huge male feet; does this make me gay? I feel attracted to women, although not too much, but i don't really seem that much aginst men.
Hmm, well I don't think it makes you necessarily gay.

I think you just maybe bisexual.

Haha, I am a 15 year old & I have a foot fetish for male feet too D:

Lmao. If you want you can email me and we can talk and maybe trade pics, (But not in a pedophile way I'm just curious y'know?)

©, gay male feet