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When a gay or lesbian couple have a sperm doner or a surrogate mother isnt that still cheating on your partner?
How i see it if you allow some mans sperm to enter your lesbian partners womb or allow your gay partners sperm to enter some woman's womb that is still cheating isn't it?

Please help me i am confused.
To me, cheating is the act of destroying a relationship through selfish ambition.
Deciding with your partner to have a guy, is not selfish ambition, nor does it destroy the relationship.
Can two gay men mix their sperm togther that way they both have a chance to be the bio dad for a surrogate?
2 gay men are using a surrogate and they would like to mix their sperm together before the insem. I have heard that the sperm will kill each other and it wouldn't work.
Sperm from the SAME man can compete with each other to get to the egg first, so the same thing happens when you mix sperm from different men. They don't "kill" each other per se, but they do fight to get to the egg first.

The men in your scenario can absolutely try to conceive this way. Then they can be surprised which one fathered the baby, should a pregnancy result.
Does it make a man gay if his sperm collides with another mans?
Say you are having a threesome, and 2 men ejaculate at the same time, and then their semen collides in mid-air, does that make them gay?!
No not at all

To be gay means to be attracted to only the same sex.
Do gay female singles or couples use sperm donors?
When it comes to becoming parents in the gay community do woman opt to use sperm donors rather than adoption.....whether it be private, agency or foster care?
i believe Melissa Etheridge did a whole story in Rolling Stone about how she and her then partner used a famous sperm donor. It reall depends on the person. Rosie O Donnell adopted.
Can a man release sperm no matter who is giving him head? Can gay men release sperm if women are performing?
The question says it all
Yes a man can ejaculate (come) no matter who is giving him head. I can't say for certain about Gay men but I think they would too if they let a woman give them head. Testosterone does not discriminate. It makes men horny, hot and gives them erections and makes them want to come and any mouth, vagina or hand will work. Thats just the facts of life.
Im gay and I want to have a guy with my own sperm. Whats the cheapest and easiest way to do that?
Are there any organizations or websites for this?
The cheapest and easiest way would be to masturbate, and before climaxing, insert yourself into the surrogate. Not the most tempting idea for a gay person, I'm sure, but I've known gay men (and women) that have done it.

You could try calling your local fertility doctors to see what's available in your area.

My concern is this: If you're already fretting over costs, are you financially able to support a guy?
When gay men have sex where does the sperm go?
ok i know it goes up the bum but what happens after that? just curious?
Much the same as with vaginal sex, it will eventually come out. Quicker, of course, since the cervix is designed to trap sperm and the anus isn't.
Does a gay can produce sperm?
can a gay person produce sperm?
no, they have eggs
Does anyone else think Gay Men and Lesbians who want guyren should get together?
Does anyone else think that lesbians who want guyren should get together with gay men? Instead they use sperm banks that discriminate against homosexuals by refusing to use gay sperm...even while lesbians are one of their biggest customer.

Is there anyone trying to organize this?
Sign me up!

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