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In the moving Training Day, what does Denzel Washington's character yell to the Latin ladies on the street?
He shouts at the good-looking Latin babes. What is it in Spanish, and what does it mean in English? Is this something I can say to the Latin hotties in my neighborhood?
Which airline has the best lookin flight attendants, and which has the homeliest?
Just curious, when I was in Detroit, 5 of my roommates were F/A's 3 were single hotties, one was a cute mommie (she was married) and the last was - well, not a hottie. Coz she was a chubby latin queen. Yeah, she was a gay guy.
All the Mexican airlines I've ever been on have models as flight attendents. I think they don't have equal opportunity laws there so they only hire the finest of the finest.
Picking up girls on street?
I dont do pubs/clubs. But walking the streets going home from work I always walk past a good few hotties. I check them out and I 'think' some are checking me out??? Who knows? Theyre looking at me looking at them as we walk past anyway?? lol. How would you recommend going about chatting them up or what to say or bad idea??? Age range 16-24??

In other countries its normal, SE Asia, Latin countries etc..but not a common thing in uk imo.

First of all, stop getting advice from people who have NEVER approached girls on the street before...

I've approached over 2000 women in streets, college campus, bars, coffee shops, libraries, bookstores, etc...

Street pickups are like "day game" where it's different than the bar scene ("night game")...

Both games are similar except for DAY GAME, things are slower you need to approach the girls on the street in similar fashion...but slower paced...

Focus on making HALF-SERIOUS & HALF-PLAYFUL comments such as:

"were you just checking me out?" and continue the conversation with her...It's also good to have your own stories in hand just in case you run out of things to say...

But just have a quick conversation...and say you got to leave...and ask for her number...if she doesn't give out her number, it doesn't mean she doesn't like just means she is not yet comfortable...ask for her facebook or email...then, she will give you...

But my advice is if you see the girl often, do NOT ask for the number that day...instead get to know to her...and THEN later on, get the number...that will be a better & more SOLID # close...

For more tips on how to pick up & attract women, check out my website...

Wish you the best!

Bruce M.
Dont you think jessica alba is a hypocrite???
Right..i mean first of all she says shes against nudity, but there still pictures of her semi nude…

not completely frontal nude but still....shes nude

Also shes like i wish directors could get over my hotness...while she still takes stupid roles in where shes in her underwear/ bikini in part of the movie(most of her movies btw) thats not gonna help her

Also she has said that she thinks people calling her latina insincere......but yet in later quotes she calls herself a proud latina..and yet she poses for latin magazines....

see wat i mean...
I agree. She also said that she is "too hot to get good roles" and that she wants to be taken seriously as an actress and be known for more than just her appearance, but she CHOOSES to star in bad films and pose for men's magazines and when I turn on my t.v. who do I see doing a beauty campaign for Revlon? Jessica Alba. She doesn't make any sense. Also, she needs to get over herself. She is not as hot as she claims.

Edit: 2. "I'm excited for my baby to be brown."
"I always took pride in being Latina."

Haha.....She is not brown she is tan. "Black" people are brown. Jessica Alba is so stupid.
Why is Cameron Diaz not touted as Latina, while Jessica Alba (who is a sellout) is?
Jessica Alba, who is 1/4 Latina, looks at herself as less Latina then Cameron Diaz who is 1/2 Latina. Yet, people are upset that Alba doesn;t want to claim Latina, while there are Latina Beauties out there that are ignored by the Latin US Media. Lovely ladies like Alexis Bledel, Julie Gonzalo and Joanna Garcia, are FULL Latinas yet they're not even mentioned much or at all as being Latina role models. They speak fluent Spanish, are proud and mention their Latina roots all the time, yet Jessica Alba, Eva Longoria, J-LO and Rosario Dawson get more press, and they do not even speak any Spanish!!!

My only guess is because Alba, J-LO, Longoria and Dawson are darker Latinas while Bledel, Gonzalo and Garcia are white Latinas that do not fit the mold.

Is this true? Why aren't these Latina hotties being touted as great Latina rolemodels?
I was going to answer your question but you have already done so for me thanks!

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