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How to grow breast through natural breast augmentation?
I envy women with boobs, pretty breasts I’m not talking about those with silicone. It makes me so insecure every time i see them. Is there anybody who knows how to grow your breast naturally? without any surgery because it cost a lot.I hope if somebody knows about natural breast augmentation or any other ways on natural breast enhancement. Help will highly appreciate. Thank you.
Not quite 'natural', but going on the birth control pill, which is a hormone pill containing progesterone and estrogen, is known to increase breast size by quite a bit in most women.

However, you should research the side effects and ask your doctor about them. Some side effects can include weight gain, moodiness, improvement or worsening of acne, spotting, and nausea.
How to make your boobs grow via natural breast augmentation?
Any suggestion or advise how to get my boobs grow? I don't want to pay a huge amount in surgery. If somebody knows an alternative medicine or any tips to get my breast grow via natural breast augmentation or natural breast enhancement. I will really appreciate any reply on this thread thanks in advance.
I already answered this question with another asker but any ways here's what i can say : I know where you coming from.I've been there also. It sucks when you see other women whose breast are you big and you feel insecure because yours are so small that no guys would look at you since most guys prefer bigger boobs . Then by chance it happened to me to come across www.grow-bigger-breasts-naturally… . There is a ton of information in Nancy’s ebook that I couldn’t possibly explain here. As a result of Nancy’s incredible method, I have grown my breasts by 2 cup sizes in less than 6 months! Now I am a proud 36C.
What does it take to get natural looking breast with breast implants?
I am interested in getting breast implants. I don't want them too big, just a normal size (c cup) and Ive beeen doing some research and i dont like it when the books look fake. Some people get implants and it looks like they just got half of a soccer ball implanted...they just look so fake and then some people have it look more whats the difference? What should i do to get the more natural breasts?
ok you should get silicone gel implants and have them placed under the muscle. i had mine done almost 2 years ago and they look so natural. no one even can tell that my breasts are fake lol. i have only one regret sometimes i wish i went a little bigger. i was an A cup and now they are full B. some days i wish i would have just went ahead with the C cup. but overall i am very happy because they are beautiful and i had one of the best doctors and no pain at all! swelling went down in a few days. i was walking out of the hospital and it was like nnormal lol. oh and he did the incision under my breasts so there is a thin scar there now but its light in color and it isnt raised. before you get the surgery you have to quit smoking for like a month and you have to get a mammogram to make sure your breasts are healthy. that freaking mammogram hurt so much lol and the surgery didnt. i think thats very funny. and the total cost was about $16k believe it or not because my doctor is famous he does celebrities and socialites in new york city. but i heard that you can get them from other doctors that are also good for like under 10k.
What can cause natural breast growth in women in their mid-twenties?
I have been on birth control for 6 years, I exercise daily, and I take vitamins daily. I have no medical conditions. I have not experience natural breast growth since age 16.
Weight gain or pregnancy are the only natural things that will make your breasts significantly bigger. You may be able to give them a firmer appearance (and as result, slightly larger) by doing pectorial excersizes. If you keep them minimal, you're breasts won't appear muscly, but perhaps slightly bigger.
Does all natural big breast kind of sag or are there natural round ones?
I was just looking at breast enlargement and I haven't seen a natural breast that is round like it is after something is inserted in to their breast.

I personally prefer the round look though it's been made from surgery. I was wondering if there's any natural shape that also look lifted and round?
yah if its round like that they are fake. real boobs have some sag to them, like a tear drop shape. not creepy bolt ons that look like they are coming out of your collar bone
Where can i find natural breast enhancement pills in the store?
i am an a cup and have been for a long time. i want to change this but do not wnat surgery at this time. i know that there are vitamins and pills out there to help and other things i can do like spisific forms of exercize and masage . but were can i find the natural breast enhacement pills? i know that they sell them in the stores i just dot know which ones. can any one help me ?
I'm not familiar with the name of the pills, but I do know they sell them at GNC Health Stores. A friend of mine was taking them and she did increase her breast size, however, you need to take them as prescribed.
Does natural breast enhancement really work?
I have been looking into natural breast enhancement and so far it seems that BreastActive and Breast Success are the two best out there right now. Is there anyone who has tried these products or someone who could recommend another product?
I have heard they worked and then from some it doesn't. I read more about herbs that contain estrogen, which mimics estrogen, the stuff that makes our breast grow and other parts of our body. These herbs are contained in those natural breast enhancement if you were to read the label. But I heard of more success from women using the herbs than spending all of that money on the natural breast enhancement when you can try the herbs for under 10 dollars and you can take more than one herb at a time. These herbs for example are fennel seed, fenugreek, wild yam, blessed thistle and a lot more. (sorry I can't think of anymore, I haven't read anything about that for a while) I have also read about others who tried it, one was a user on Y!A who said she used a mixture and her breast are feeling fuller. Also, with the fenugreek, it is used for nursing mothers and it works in three days to produce milk, same with the breast growth. I read two articles, one a woman decided to try it and on the third day, her breast were sore, but fuller and another girl who tried it when she was 17 but since she wasn't done with puberty she had to get breast reduction surgery at 21 because she was at a breast size that was making her uncomfortable.

Good Luck
Do you have any Tips on Natural Breast augmentation?
Can you please give me some tips or steps how to grow your breast naturally?I think natural breast augmentation is effective if you are determined to make your breast grow. This is i think safe compare to surgery.. So any tips given here is very helpful not only me but for those who want their breast grow naturally but can't afford surgery.
here are several ways in which people undertake to further their natural breast growth. The use of herbs and herbal preparations is the most popular method tried and the most widespread, but there are other methods in popular use such as the use of suction pumps, hypnosis and self-hypnosis, and especially in China the use of particular massage techniques.

These methods are known collectively as natural boob enlargement and it's a study which is becoming more and more popular..

The are many websites which detail the various methods of natural bosom enlargement. None of the strategies discussed on these many of these sites are clinically proven and most bank on established information or folk medicine, although there are more up-to-date ideas too.

That said the only site that we fully back is grow-bigger-breasts-naturally as we have witnessed many people have had medium to massive success with their method.
I breastfeed, are there any natural breast milk alternatives that come closest to actual breast milk?
My son is 11 1/2 months, and I'm trying to prepare him for sitters. Problem is I'm a naturalist, I hate the idea of switching from breast milk to formula, especially since baby formula is scientific and non- all natural. I've been pumping for months but It seems to take me about 3 to 4 days just to fill one bottle and he's needs enough milk to last him from 8 to 10 hours 5 days a week! What should I do?
At 11.5 months old he doesn't need to be drinking formula or breast milk when he is away from you. You can just nurse him when you are with him and he can eat solids and drink water from a sippy cup. How long are you planning on being away for?

Edit: I just re-read your question and realized that you said you were going to be away for 8-10 hours, sorry. When my daughter was 11.5 months I was still pumping at work when I was away from her. Whatever I brought home from pumping at work, she would drink the next work day. If I only brought home 4 oz then she'd get 4 oz. and some extra solids.
Is there a natural breast implant surgery ?
I heard there's this new surgery were you can take fat from your body and place in the breast area and they said its much heathier and more natural but i would have to gain more weight ?

Do you think this is a better procedure than regular implants ?
The fat will eventually be re-absorbed into your body. It's temporary. You would be better off trying different birth control pills that contain hormones which may make your breasts larger.

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