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Who thinks they can find this specific topic?
The person to find a schoolgirl lesbian coloring sheet first gets put as best answer!……
2 russian lesbian schoolgirl singers?
does anyone know the name of that band, I know it starts with a T I think....
isn't it TaTu or something like that?
Why do lesbians keep sending me messages?
im 14 and i keep getting messages from lesbians asking to chat on msn and its startin 2 piss me off coz i hav a bf and im straight y do these about 30 year old lesbians kep messaging a 14 year old schoolgirl who is straight???
You will never not get spammed.

Just ignore it and blackmark it so it would go straight to spam.

Hope this helps.
Who thinks they can find this specific picture?
I am looking for a coloring book page that is off the internet, it is a lesbian coloring sheet, the picture has two anime schoolgirls and one of them is boob grabbing the other, they are in schoolgirl outfits with short skirts, the person that finds a pic exactly what I'm looking for or similar I will put as best answer!
Ew.No. Little horny guy
Why is it that I'm only stalked by lesbians and ghetto black guys?!?
It's so annoying! Imean I don't mind black guys, considering that I'm a black woman, but that doesn't mean I want to date one, especially a loud one that can't speak proper English. And lesbians are always finding me and try to hit on me. I mean some are nice and really pretty, so I'd understand why they'd want someone as innocent as me (teehes). But some are really ghetto black girls or really ugly girls that try to get in my clothes and kiss me. I don't mind homosexuality, but I dont want those kind of girls on me! Why do they keep bothering me? It can't be because I'm ugly because. Y friends think I'm goregeous. Do they have a knack to stalking cute innocent black schoolgirls? Do I have a freaking sign on the back of my head?!
Well that's probably not the case. Things like this happen all the time, maybe you'll keep seeing a number or a sign.
What's going on is that you're highlighting the times when you ARE with a (ghetto fabulous) black guy or a lesbian. What happens is that you notice a pattern which isn't actually there but your mind creates it by making you be like ZOMG BLACK GUY after going through 3 white guys and being like IT'S THE PATTERN AGAIN!!!! because the idea is fresh in your mind as well so you are looking for it without knowing. lol
It's sorta confusing but you may want to look up the "23 enigma" which is a common thing where people are told of it then realize how much the number 23 is in their life.
Are there any prank call services similar to is a service that makes "prank calls" to people for a small fee. For example, a few years ago I got a phone call on my birthday from a "schoolgirl lesbian" who just wanted to chat with me about random stuff. It was super akward. Turns out my brother got paid to do it. It was a pretty funny present.

I'm looking to do a similar thing for someone here soon, but "isn't taking orders". Anybody know of a similar service?
well, have you heard of the rejection hotline? They have a ton of different kinds of "messages" when you's pretty funny.
Is the tentacle thing popular with LGBT people?
I've seen some pretty kinky stuff among members of the gay and lesbian community - I know a few who are into S and M, others who are into school uniforms (admittedly, I do enjoy a good lesbian schoolgirl thing), others who like maids...

and then I remember seeing this thing where a girl got knocked up by this tentacle monster from outer space. Consequently, I'm wondering if there's an equivalent for members of the homosexual male community. I mean, I'm not gonna lie, it was pretty hot, but I'm not sure if the LGBT community feels the same way. In short - are any of you into tentacles?
I... Well... I am a bit into that... But, I remember liking just one, one where there was a Pokémon involved...

Yeah, pretty freaky or whatever, but I just liked it...
Can u tell me movie titles?
which r about lesbian schoolgirls falling in love? i saw u lost and delirious and loving annabelle, can u tell me any more? thank you :)
Clara's Summer. The movie is split into parts on youtube. It is a french movie, but has subtitles.
Does anybody know some good sites?
I want some good anime lesbian porn or regular that is really hot, especially boob grabbing. I am looking for one particular picture though it is two schoolgirls and one is boob grabbing the one, plus it is a coloring sheet, whoever gives me the best info gets 10pts!
I think this is what your looking for: Hope it helps :-)
Is this scene hot or not?
A man and a woman dress up in schoolgirl outfits and begin to act like they are lesbians!
I'm talking the skirt with the tights and the whole 9.
Is this HOT OR NOT?
That's pretty ****** up, tbh.

Whatever floats your boat though...

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