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My dick itches everytime I shaved my balls, do you know why?
I tried to put some after shave on my balls but it only sets them on fire.
I think that's where the inspiration for Jerry Lewis's Great Balls Of Fire came from.
Any advice?
ahahahahah i agree i just shaved my balls also added 3 inches lol ........ but dont not pluck that **** too many to pluck lol ......... by the time your done plucking the rest growed back lol
I shaved my dick and now there's red dots what do i do?
im a 13 year old boy and i just shaved my penis now there's like 30 red spots what do i do? what r they? and how long will they be there?
It's just from shaving. You have to make sure you have a NEW razor everytime (at least for down there).

A rash, or some in grown hairs. Use some lotion, it'll start feeling and looking better.
I have a question about my dick shaved.?
i shaved my dick and now its scratchy because i shaved the hairs.What could i do to stop the itching.
Over the counter Hydrocortisone cream 1% and it's dirt cheap.
My dick is 8 in long and 5 in thick.cut shaved, am i packing alright?
i have beenw ith some women. never had a complaint on my piece. but just in case, out of curiosity, i would like to know how the wrold feels on this. many young guys would like to know. so am i packing alrighht. i know how to use it. no problem there at all. as a hispanic is that an average size?
Believe me, the wrold(world?) could not care less. I would suggest you worry more about what is above your neck as the brain is the most important sexual organ.
I just shaved my dick and used After-shave! I want the hair back!?
should I use Garnier Fructis to grow it back again or something else. Tell me people! I'm a guy not a girl ! I'm 14.

Within a week, your hair should grow back. It will extremely itchy (maybe uncomfortable). Next time, try shaving and don't put any growing products on it (it's a very sensitive area, and those product aren't made for that).
Shaved off my pubes now i have razor burn, how do i recover?
i decided to shave of my pubes (im a guy) yesterday so i did. I shaved in the morning and it was fine, then i decided to touch up last night and i got razor burn. So what can i do to make it go away and not turn into ingrown hair? i like the feeling of having my dick shaved so can i keep on doing it?
Is it weird 2 shave your dick bald?
I shaved my dick bald and I'm getting a physical 2morrow.

Will the Doc. look at me in a strange way?
nope. a lot of guys do that. you will be fine.
How should I shave my dick?
This is awkward, but do girls like a clean shaved penis or trimmed? When I do clean i get razor bumps which i dont want haha. so do girls like a trim?
hit me up please
You shave carefully after shower while there still humidity. Also remember DO NOT GO AGAINST the hair, just follow the direction of the hair from where its growing from. Or else you'll get bumps and tiny wounds.
How do you shave your dick?
How much hair should there be? DO you keep some or get rid of it all?
I have shaved it all and trimmed it all and neither one has an adverse reaction for me. To answer your question I have my dick from the head down toward my torso.
If I decide to trim my dick and shave my balls where do I stop?
I got my Norelco Men's groomer yesterday which I will put to the test today. However, I am not sure of what the outcome will look like so I need some guidance. You see, I have a hairy butt, butt crack and taint. What would that look like if I just shave the balls? Will it look stupid to the girls and especially when changing at the gym? Don't want to be in an embarrassing situation!
I suggest you start with a good trimming. See how it looks and go from there. If you shaved your balls and trimmed around your dick, no problem. Many guys do that.

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