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How to make your vagina squirt?
I know this is maybe gross.. but i've seen it in pornos where a girl squirts when she cums.. is there any tips on how to do this? or just kinda something that some people can do...?
The pornos are often staged or the girls are peeing. However, squirting is not a myth. It can be a large volume of liquid, or it can be much less. For my wife to get there, it takes a the right level of excitement, coupled with g-spot stimulation, and the ability to "let go" a bit. Since the glands that secrete the "squirt" empty into the urethra, it will seem like you're peeing. It's not pee. Google it, and you'll find real scientific literature.

The G-spot is up and towards a person who puts in their finger and (palm up) and makes a "come hither" motion.

You need a caring partner and an open attitude and I bet you can learn.
Where in the vagina does squirt water come from?
where is the actual opening is it on top or from the sides, way in front or behind the cervix etc?
Liquid can't come out of the clitoris...my gosh. Female ejaculate comes out of the urethra; same place you pee from. This is why, when a woman is about to have a g-spot orgasm or is about to squirt, she feels like she's about to pee (because, ultimately, they both come from the same place.) Also, the liquid isn't water. No one really knows what exact compounds make it, but it isn't water.
If you have a weird moley sort of lump in your vagina which squirts out puss and blood regulary is it normal?
Doctors say its boils but i dont no?
Hi Hayley look I think u really need to take charge of the way u put yourself at risk judging by ur other question OK
If not u will be heading down the path to self destruction via contracting all types of nasty std's OK ♥
How do I make a vagina squirt?
I wanna get some pussy ***
Put some delay spray on and screw the juice out of that pussy
What does squirting feel like and how do I squirt?
I don't know if I squirted or not...I didn't put any fingers in cuz I tried and it doesn't fit I just rub around the vagina and alot of fluid gushed out but I didn't feel diffrent or good so idk if it was squirting!
Probably was, try it again with a mirror.
Is it possible for every woman to be able to squirt from her vagina? if so what do i do?
I'm talking in a sexual sense not when using the bathroom
Here is a good article on female ejaculation.
It explains it all.
18 and over.
Would letting water run into your vagina and then letting it come back out be like douching?
Lol sorry, I feel kind of awkward asking this but I was just wondering. Like if you laid down in the shower and let the water run into your vagina(like enough to squirt back out), would that be like using a douche? Thanks!
Sort of. But I don't think you'll be able to get enough water INTO the vagina for the same effect you would have with a vaginal douche.
Whats the difference between a girl squirting and cumming ?
Im trying to be serious here and not that dirty and want serious answers, maybe from experience to.
I know when a girl squirts it comes out from where you have sex, the vagina opening. but i heard girls can *** to like boys out there urethra ?
Is this like when a male ejaculates ?
I've heard of a squirting orgasm but is there a such thing as a vaginal orgasm?
During foreplay with my boyfriend my vagina becomes moist. And during sex it becomes even wetter and stays that way. It's sorta like I leak everywhere. I was wondering if there was a difference between just "getting wet" and a orgasm. I've heard of a squirting orgasm but is there a such thing as a vaginal orgasm?
For many years, women did not fully understand their bodies and their ability to have an orgasm. In fact, some of the misconceptions surrounding female orgasms still exist today. Many think that sex is only pleasurable if you have an orgasm, and this is not true. There are other ways of feeling good during sex through simple stimulation, and it can be just as enjoyable an experience without achieving an orgasm. Another common misconception is that all women should be able to achieve orgasm through intercourse alone to be considered "normal." On the contrary, up to 70% of women claim they cannot achieve orgasm through vaginal penetration alone, and that they require different kinds of stimulation to climax.

For women who have difficulty achieving orgasm, there are ways of becoming more aware of their bodies and what feels good in order to be successful in climaxing with a partner. Many specialists recommend for a woman to experiment with masturbation, noting what feels good and trying to become more aware of her own anatomy. This can result in the woman being more comfortable with sexual stimulation, and also being able to achieve an orgasm with a partner.
Seeking therapy is another option, especially when the woman has issues with her attitude towards sex.

Hope that i Answered your Question.

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