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Is it better for a teen to take showers in the morning to reduce acne?
I was just wondering, I take showers every night but when i wake up I find a new pimple.

I use face cleansers and scrubs at least twice a day and drink water (1-2 water bottles a day- .5L)
Should I take showers in the morning? Will it help?
Showering everyday has many benefits, Also acne will be prasent in your life up until 19 to 21 years of age. It is just as growing and everybody gets it some more then others. If you are at that age then you can start creamers and all that other good stuff.
Do teen moms have baby showers?
i was just wondering if a teen mom should have a baby shower or not. even if their parents/family is upset with them.?.
Why not, that guy isnt less important that a guy born to any other person.
What to do w/ teen[19] who won't come out of room, take showers, no friends[2nd yr. in art school]?
she's beautiful, tall, thin, had long hair, extremely talented artist......very shy, too quiet, doesn't like to answer telephone or talk on phone........wears same clothes for days[well, socks, actually]......mucho intelligence, speaks french, japanese .........how to start raising her self esteem ....suggestions???
First you need to show her what she's missing by staying cooped up in her room...then show her how it would benefit her if she got out every once in a while...but don't pressure her or push it on her too much, cause then she'll shut down even more. Get more people that truly care about her more involved in this...then she'll see you guys are only trying to help her...but then again, she also has to be ready. Good luck, hope it all works out. Keep me posted please I'd be more then happy to help out more.
What TV show had a mom taking pictures of her teen daughter in the shower?
This is a relatively new show, I think its called wild and crazy, but not sure. I heard people talking a bout the show and it had wild teens in it and a segment where a mom was taking pictures of her daughter in the shower for the daughters website. Does anyone know the name of the TV show?
Yes, it was Pretty Wild.

The mom Andrea Arlington was taking pictures of (adopted daughter) Tess Taylor after she got out of the shower.

Tess was a Playboy Cyber-Girl of the Month a year ago: www.playboy.com/girls/cybergirls/…
Is this a good idea for a baby shower with teen girls AND older women attending?
My MIL is throwing me a baby shower, well she's acting like she is. Her way of throwing the baby shower is by buying decorations and saying "oh we can decorate with this" but not actually planning anything. So i've taken on the role of coming up with all of the ideas and she's taking my ideas for her own and buying the supplies. Well i am going to have girls from the age of 18 all the way to older women in their 70's. I came up with the idea of buying a bunch of onesies(99 cents) and having a bunch of iron on designs and fabric paint so everyone can design a personalized onesie. Also my mom and MIL will decorate a bib that is dedicated to eachother and i will be making an overnight/diaper bag that both grandma's will use. Do you think this is an ok idea? I don't like the idea of corny games and i'm just wondering if everyone will find this entertaining... in your opinion.
There will be more to the shower but this is the "main event".
I did this once at a shower and it was fun. Just don't let it drag on too long. Have people start as soon as they walk in - get a drink, start decoarting - so it doesn't take up two hours.
What do you give a teen mother at her baby shower?
One of my friends is having a baby. She is 17, soon to be 18, and is without a partner/boyfriend. She is having a baby shower in April and I don't want to give her too much of the usual stuff (diaper, creams, etc.) because there are 20 adults invited and they are sure to check up on the internet or, well, just know, to give her the classic nessisities. I need a gift that one teen can give to another without blushing! Please, any suggestions?
Honestly- if you can find one it's a thing called a Moses Basket. It's a basket for the baby to sleep in that can easily be carried around. I'm a young mother and I loved being able to just take my baby wherever I wanted while she slept.

I know it sounds a little odd, but no one who was "older" at my shower knew about them and I found it on my own and it really did make a big difference with my daughter. I know it's not a specific girl-girl teen friend kind of thing, but it will be one of the best gifts she gets.

To make it a bit more personal, fill it with some nice PJ's from Victoria's secret and a bra to accomodate her bigger boobs. There's nothing better than comfy clothes and a bra to fit bigger boobs. It also helps if they are a bit on the sexy/comfortable side. As a young mom, I never wanted to resort to the frumpy sweats and granny bras.

Good luck!
How can i get my teen to shower or bathe?
i don't know if she has aspergers or only depression

sometimes lately she'll let me wash her hair, but i can't get her to take a bath or shower
usually up until recently was a good guy, never had to tell her to do these things
what can i do?
well see if she will take a bath if you pour the bathwater i used to hate the noise of the faucet but not notice that was the reason i hated bathes.
Is it weird to have a baby shower if you are pregnant and teen?
Just wondering, its like this question that popped into my head and i was curious. Any teen moms or who were teen moms that got a baby shower? Was it awkward? Thank you
If this is your first baby, there is no reason why you should not have a shower. No matter how old you are, the baby still needs stuff.. that let's face it, you can't afford to buy. My cousin was 16 when she got pregnant and we had a shower for her. I dont see where age is a factor in this situation. Have a good shower :)
Is it appropriate to hold a baby shower for a teen mother who is having an unintended pregnancy ?
Are you rewarding poor decisions by throwing a party, showering her with gifts to help care for the unintended guy?
I think that's a hard question, without knowing the person. You don't want to reward a reckless choice made by an impulsive person, BUT, for the sake of the guy, the mom should know that she has the moral support and encouragement of her friends (particularly if the sperm donor is a turd).

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