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Short skirts and shorts on teens is unacceptable. Am I the only one that feels this way?
I live in an area where teen pregnancy is high. It's a neighborhood with mid income to high. It's I see teen and younger girls running around in skirts and shorts that are higher than their mid thigh. Sometimes it's short enough to be cheerleader briefs or something. A lot of times the midriff is exposed. Why do parents and families allow this? Am I the only one who thinks it's inappropriate?
I agree. I don't think young teen girls and younger should wear something that short. Shorts are alright but I believe they should be mid thigh. Young girls and teens who dress like that are asking for negative attention that they will not be able to handle and could affect them for a lifetime.

Responsible parents would not allow it.
Please Jehovah with your short skirts?
Again and again I see fellow teens in short skirts and little tank tops. God is everywhere... not just at church, so why are so many young women wearing stuff like this? It is unpleasing to God and downright rude. Yes, God will love you no matter what, but have some respect... seriously. Agree?
Why are you judging others on what they are wearing? God does love them, and probably doesn't like how they dress - but what is that to you? God tells us to love unconditionaly our neighbour as ourselves, and that means looking past the outer into their inner being. It's not up to you to become the morality police, it's your job to stand for what you believe in, and influence others by your actions, not words.
Do you notice Carly from TV show iCarly wears really short skirts sometimes?
Most of the time on the show she's dressed in modest but very cute outfits that are appropriate for 14/15 year old girls, but every once in a while there will be an episode with her showing off a lot of thigh wearing a ridiculously short denim skirt that looks like she's only wearing a jean belt without pants on. What's the deal with the young teen actresses wearing really short skirts on guy's TV shows like iCarly?
Well Nick needs a lot of teenaged boys to stay watching.
How come in japan they make anime girls and teens so hot and give like over sized boobs and short skirts?
looking at things not considered hentai like bleach school rumble love hina and even naruto. im asking becuase my cousin said it was porn now im actualy afraid or embasresed from watching this in front of friends and family becuase they make them like that should i let go of my fear or what
They don't do that with ALL the girl characters... >.>

Anyways, they basically do it because Japan doesn't censor as much guyren/teen TV as America does (even though porn is illegal in Japan...). Because of this, the mangaka/staff make girl characters like that to draw in fans who like that kinda stuff, or just because they thought the characters would look nicer that way.

Stuff like Bleach, Naruto and such are no where near porn...

If anyone says anything like that, tell them they honestly don't know what they're talking about, and should stop assuming sexual stuff, because they sound ridiculous when they do. Bigots :p

(omg, lol, don't call your parents bigots though...)

Just let go of your fear and don't be embarrased about something that you shouldn't be embarrased about. If you do react that way when they imply that anime's inappropriate like that, by being embarrased about it, you're basically admitting that it honestly is.

Which it isn't :D

My opinion..
Fashion advice for a chubby and short teen?
I'm a teen. I'm extremely short and very chubby. I usually wear skinny jeans or flare jeans. But, it's getting hot. I'm starting to wear some jean capris. I want to wear skirts and dresses. My parents say that dresses and skirts don't look good on me. I don't wear long or short dresses and skirts. I have a few skirts and dresses that are "in style" for teens. The dresses and skirts cover my knees or go exactly at my knees. I don't want to get made fun of for wearing skirts or dresses either. I think I look good in the few dresses and skirts that I own. What should I do?
loose weight, or get over the fact people will judge.
Why am i like this? why do i hate the western culture?
Im indian Brit Born all my life I've been in th UK
my cousins are westernised
i hate western music and culture ( not the people)
i just dont agree with teen sex, short skirts, drinking smoking , violence
why am i like this ?
It's just how you were raised and taught to think.
There's nothing wrong with that at all.
Can you wear shorts or skirts in the UK?
I live in the UK but Gosh, know one here knows about fashion anymore here...I cant wear a skirt or shorts without a bunch of girls calling people whores or sluts! They are not THAT short! I'm talking about in the summer, I just don't see any teens wearing this stuff anymore! Grr. I mean like in America, it's okay for teens to be wearing shorts in the summer, here...I don't even know! Shorts like these www.google.co.uk/imgres?imgurl=ht…
what are you serious?
well, here in london, girls always wear shorts that short in summer and dresses and aren't considered as sluts.
What kinda of styles are in for high school teens?
I've seen alot of odd styles this year, short skirts that go past you waist with really old ugly styled shirts. Yum...
Can someone make an outfit what is in this year, it's hard for me to see what's new and hot. Thanks.
Plaid. And flannel. God, I've seen enough of both to last my entire life.

Outfit: dark skinny jeans, converse/flats, plaid flannel top is what's "in style" if you like that kind of stuff.

And to the answerer who said that people who shop at Abercrombie, Hollister, etc are "snobs", wow. I shop at Hollister and I'm nothing you described.

Oh, and bright v-necks are also popular now.
School Uniforms Are Too Short?
Why do Catholic officials require very short uniform skirts for teen girls?Can it be that girls roll up their skirts at the waistband because they love the attention they receive from men in the street?

This is very dangerous and stupid to say the least. Teen girls here in NYC love to walk near construction sites teasing contractors of all ages. Teen girls also get upset when men's tongues are hanging to the ground as they walk by teasing men in the dangerous streets of NYC. It's insane!!

Some of these girls wear thongs not panties under their short skirts. How do I know this fact? Simply because some of them sit very inapprobiately on the bus and/or subway. I think teen girls should get in and out of the uniforms at the school.

In other words, they should get into their uniform in the morning just before class time and in the afternoon prior to leaving the school grounds.

What is your view?
If you don't like it, don't wear a short skirt.
What's the best kind of boot to wear with short denim destroyed skirts in the summer?
I really like to wear boots w/ skirts

but what's the best kind to wear with destroyed denim skirts in the summer?

I'm 5ft 4, and I have thin legs, but becuase they're toned and I work out a lot.
I'm also a teen.
I think short Uggs would be cute with it even though it's summer. Like short Uggs in a bright color. It would be cute.

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