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Do some woman not shave their privates?
I have never had a gf or seen a woman who does not but just wanted to check and see
why are most of these answers pro shaving and an unshaved part is reguarded as disgusting oh well i suppose its a sign of the times
Does any one know why women all shave their privates?
what happend to the old school look?
does shaving it remind you of a little girl?
Some women have become convinced that shaving there makes them sexier, cleaner, and more attractive. I think it's a sick practice that sadly has been perpetuated by the porn culture. Shaving does not make someone cleaner if that person practices good hygiene and the stubble or razor burn is really uncomfortable. It's a hard area to shave and waxing is not only painful but also crazy. Since I don't show that area of my body to the world, there is no need to shave.

Edit: Britney Spears was photographed showing her crotch on several occasions. It's obvious that she either shaves or gets that area waxed. I thought it looked sicker than if she had been showing some hair. She looked like a little girl sporting a c-section scar, which also was visible.
How to large women shave their privates/can you tell if?
i'm about 350 lbs and i always get my pubic hair waxed! recently i've been short money so i couldnt actually go get it waxed so i tried to shave and i tried the standing method but i was always scared holding up my pooch in the front to get to my pubic area in the shower and i'd drop it and cut myself...so i laid down in the tub and spread my legs and used the touch and feel method which i really liked and it worked and my boyfriend said he liked it better than the waxing.

I was wondering do any of you other large women shave like this? and how can he tell the difference between the shaving/waxing...?
ignore the other comment!
i don't know how he could tell the difference between shaving and waxing unless it felt slightly stubbly to him and he happens to like that!
i'm not overweight, but when i shave underneath i use the touch and feel method, since it's impossible to see all the way under there, and same for around my back door :)
Why Do Some Women Shave Their Private Area? And What Are Some Reason For It?
My girlfriend told me, that she shaves her private area and I always wondered why women do that?
Smooth lips are sexier, tastier, less maintenance, more hygenic and much more sensitive without the wolly mammoth fur. Some women are a little uncomfortable about some of their pubic hair being exposed with a bathing suite, so shaving does eliminate that as well.

These days, everyone has hair here, there and everywhere. If everyone has it, what's the big deal?
I want to know why men like for women to shave their privates...?
...and usually expect it, but they (men) have hair from stem to sternum and it's supposed to be okay. What's up with that? Hmm?!?!?!
I'm going to receive enough thumbs down for this answer to send a gladiator to hell But I agree with mama-tee , It truly is a form of perversion.
The obsessive social need to keep young women's adult bodies looking like those of pre-pubescent girls is very much perverted.
Real men that love and have sex with real women , love women's bodies as God made them complete with pubic hair, natural amounts of fat , no silicone, and being crazy once a month
File this under things that make you go Hmmm
I find it most interesting that a generation of guys that reject pubic hair on women because they think that it's dirty [ even though it's not ]readily accepts anal intercourse as a norm despite the fact that it IS THE dirtiest and most dangerous sex act that can be performed between two people.
Grow out your pubes and throw any man out of your bed that can't accept a woman's body in it's natural state
Hay guys; do you like it when women shave their private part (bush, monkey, p****, v*****, ). Why?
My husband likes it when I shave but it itches like crazy a couple days later. Is it really worth it? Do you shave as well?
YES. this is much better. better hygiene, better looking, better in functionality (meaning, no hairs in your mouth, also easy to 'suck' on things that need to be sucked on when you're down there) feels good on my c***. all around better i dont care what anyone says

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